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Take Me To The Moon

I Can’t Breathe: Valdosta-born rapper Cmxgee grows tired of the arguments on ‘Take Me To The Moon’

Produced by Valious and Ayoleybeats, Cmxgee delves deep into his emotionally-charged story about being with someone who he thought loved him but actually just caused him to almost go comprehensively insane with ‘Take Me To The Moon‘.

Cmxgee is a Valdosta, Georgia-born, Los Angeles, California-based indie rapper/singer who has the built-in hunger to never give up that gives him that paramount drive to succeed in his chosen profession.

Showing us his assured style that has you feeling that he is someone who believes in himself enough that he could actually make it, Cmxgee is at his consistent best with a track that has you in such a wistful mood at a past relationship that seemed to wheel out of control like a runaway train.

Take Me To The Moon‘ from the ambitious Valdosta rapper/singer Cmxgee is an entertaining release that has your heart beating so much faster than before as you recall being with someone who you loved but actually drove you into places you wish you hadn’t gone into. The romance was strong as there were happy times, but the fights seems to get worse each day and then it was all over as you reflect on the huge regret that you can’t quite forget just yet.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen