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Stole My Heart: Glancy Kelly senses this special moment will change everything on Take Me Away

Feeling like he is on a whole new planet as the love is so surreal, Glancy Kelly is treasuring each moment with a supreme beauty who has a vibe and aura like no other on Take Me Away.

Glancy Kelly is a Texas, USA-based indie RnB/neo-soul singer-songwriter who is best known for his outstanding vocals and bravery to mix other genres into his sound.

He has a unique way of expressing his views and emotions through the eloquent storytelling of his music.” ~ Glancy Kelly

Recalling that incredible kiss and yearning for two hearts to combine as one forever, Glancy Kelly is in a whole new world of desire and shall sway our souls into a slow dance for the ages.

Take Me Away from Texas, USA-based indie RnB/neo-soul artist Glancy Kelly is one of the more strikingly enticing singles likely for release in 2023. There is a ravenous appetite on offer which might get chefs knocking on the door, on this rather magnificent soundtrack made for all the lovers in the world.

When you know you want to be with, the world seems like a better place.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Canada’s Brandon Hamilton sneaks in the sheets with sultry ‘Take Me Away’

Ontario in Canada is the home of the talented singer Brandon Hamilton who steams the mirrors up with his new single called ‘Take Me Away‘.

Brandon Hamilton is an R&B singer-songwriter who’s sound portrays a dark and melodic energy, he has a magnetic voice that flows through the room with an electric energy. This young single seduces the mic and draws us into his fun story about love forbidden but tempting.

Taken off the self-tilted album ‘Take Me Away‘, this is a promiscuous single all about wanting that girl that isn’t yours. You desire her and she wants the same. The problem is that she is with another man and many other complications.

Take Me Away‘ is a sexy song, full of seduction and electrifying forces that are unexplained sometimes. The Canadian singer Brandon Hamilton flicks the switch on and makes the whole room bright.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lvyan’s love-story is touching jazz pop ”Take Me Away”

Lvyan is back with his incredible blend of Eastern flavored jazzy pop with scrumptious vocals. There are lovely piano beats here on his ”Take Me Away” soundscape mixed in with stupendous sax.

I love the beautiful sounds here on his new song and this is so peaceful. ”Take Me Away” is a fantastic video too as we go through his life with a stunning lover. This song is about wanting to be together but it is not always possible.

Lvyan’s pure vocals are a marvel to listen to and the Eastern extra touches sets this song apart. He is a new artist but is on the fast way up due to the popularity of ”Take Me Away” already. This a terrific jazzy pop track with a top music video from production company New Be Film to match this growing singers stage.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen