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Hua-Hsuan Tseng shows us what true serenity sounds like with the exceptional instrumental, ‘Dreaming’

With her glorious elegance on full display and we find a marvellous visionary who is headed for the top, Hua-Hsuan Tseng might have your whole body in happy raptures with her new gem, ‘Dreaming‘.

Hua-Hsuan Tseng is a Taiwan-born, Los Angeles-based composer and sound designer who makes remarkable soundscapes for film and visual media.

Her music blends a wide range of genres, including classical, electronic, Chinese, and pop. A dedicated collaborator, Hua strives to create a unique soundscape for each project by blurring the line between music and sound design to make a cohesive score.​” ~ Hua-Hsuan Tseng

After gaining respect from her graduation awards at the National Taiwanese University of Arts and Columbia College Chicago, Hua-Hsuan Tseng presents us with something rather dynamic and wrapped with intricate goodness that has taken her years to form in her incredibly innovative mind.

Owing to her diverse musical background, Hua’s compositions cover a variety of genres, from orchestral scores to hybrid compositions.” ~ Hua-Hsuan Tseng

Dreaming‘ from Taiwan-born, Los Angeles-based composer and sound designer Hua-Hsuan Tseng is a slice of peace that has been missing from the world for too long. Urging us to open up our minds and to never give up from where we want to go in life, this is a a brilliant single that might have you smiling rather broadly.

Delightful music like this is exactly what the world needs more of.

Hear this lovely single on Spotify and see more vibes on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen