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Starting Fights: TRNR wonders when they will listen and really ‘Change’ (feat. Miriam and the Tipsy Pandas)

As they struggle to keep the peace in a complex web of love that has been damaged by mental wars, TRNR shows us into a story about when two people need to step back for a moment and see through a new viewpoint on ‘Change(feat. Miriam and the Tipsy Pandas).

TRNR is a St. Louis, Missouri indie-pop solo artist and taco-lover who sings with a flamboyant innocence that has you gazing through your window.

”“Change” is the title of my new single about the fights in a relationship. It can be hard to see eye to eye at times but you can always work through things with a little bit of change.” ~ TRNR

With his smoothly-lipped vocals, bright blue hair, and honest nature that has you admiring his unassuming style, TRNR sings with a vigorous passion that helps us understand what it really takes to succeed in love in this rather odd world.

Change(feat. Miriam and the Tipsy Pandas) from St. Louis, Missouri indie-pop musician TRNR, is an honest track that will have many of us nodding at the picture presented. Sometimes two people love each other so much but forget to think about the other perspective that you have forgotten about. This is the call to grab that hand tight and sort out any silly differences, which are holding you both back from gaining that all-important special bond that moulds you together forever.

Listen up on Spotify and check out his moves via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

All about the party: Subterranean Polar Bear drops simmering summer EDM gem ‘Let me tell you the 10 commandments of being a Raver’

With useful help from his trusty pug Taco, Subterranean Polar Bear is back with his latest dance-laden catchy new track, that will lift your body from the couch to the dance floor called “Let me tell you the 10 commandments of being a Raver“.

Subterranean Polar Bear is an exciting EDM producer and vocalist, who makes that party music which swirls into your heart like flying down a invigorating water slide, as your willing soul laps up this wonderful experience of breathtaking beats.

This is the summer story about knowing you are the life of the party and want nothing more than a good night with the crowd having a great time, while you have your own exciting house party before starting it all over again the next day.

The beat is marvelous as it captures those fun times out with friends at the club or by the pool, with added vocals that are raw and capture the mood perfectly.

Let me tell you the 10 commandments of being a Raver” from Subterranean Polar Bear  is an EDM smash-through that will have you tapping your feet and turning the volume up. Being the life of the party is the best way to ensure a happy heart after all.

Hear this fast-paced track on Soundcloud and see more exciting adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen