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Ta qifsha nonen

Io/One send out warrior message with ”Ta qifsha nonen”

Io/One are a new and mysterious group that are little on information but plentiful on creating a movie soundtrack. ”Ta qifsha nonen” from Io/One is one of the most fascinating entries of the year.

A brooding sound emanates from the shadows and my soul feels like I’m hearing a new sound that excites and terrifies me at the same time. This is a cinematic visual track and I feel like a music video must be in the offerings very soon. There is a warriors tone here from a waterfall jungle far, far away.

This is the 7th song off ”Chimère” from Io/One and the beat is so menacing here that it makes me a bit paranoid. The missile sounds and battle chants in the background simmer nicely in the pot to cook us up a real song of interest. I have never heard a track like this in my life. 2020 flips the axis again with this exciting ”Ta qifsha nonen” from Io/One.

To stream this new song head through to the Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen