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Chicago rapper Tyler Shannon desires their reconnection to occur like destiny demands on ‘Alone’

With a timeless start that is certainly ear-catching and gets you in the mood quickly, Tyler Shannon can’t believe that they are starting over again as he sees this picture reform on the night that he is all ‘Alone‘.

Tyler Shannon aka T Shan is a humble and ever-improving Chicago, Illinois-based indie rap artist who transfixes listeners with his smoothly-vocalized technique that will grasp your engagement.

Showing the world his renewed energy that is a wonderous listen for those who like their music smooth and with love stories they can correlate to, Tyler Shannon embraces the moment and contemplates his future with this sizzling romantic partner who has his mind in a real spin of concern at his current predicament.

Alone‘ from Chicago, Illinois-based indie rap artist Tyler Shannon, is a speaker-happy new track that sends our minds into a thoughtful spin. He tells us the story about wondering why they had to start again – despite their ups and downs – and now feels like it’s best if he takes time to work out how to be better next time. With a calming beat that has you looking into the stars to find that motivation to form that strength inside your soul, this is a reflective track that shall be so relevant for so many who have been in an on-off relationship.

When sparks fly, there is always a chance you will be united as one soul to love freely as you should.

Open up your ears to this new single on Spotify and check out more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen