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Ride the ‘Waves’ in Stephanie Michelle’s Latest Spiritually Scintillating Synth Pop-Meets-Soul Release

With all the style of Portishead, the soul of Seal, and the sonic beguile of Erykah Badu, the latest single, Waves, by the RnB visionary Stephanie Michelle draws you into a transcendent connection with something far beyond the self.

The intimate approach to the production created an aural phenomenon that will leave you sinking deeper into the tranquilly euphonic experience as it explores epiphanies that lead you to overcome what no longer serves you. Despite the lyrics leaning into aching emotions, the Detroit-born singer, songwriter, and producer ensured that Waves is as cathartic as watching water rhythmically lap against the shore.

With her influences ranging from Tori Amos to Depeche Mode, and her time spent in a synth-pop band, Stephanie Michelle’s sonic signature is rendered in deeply distinctive calligraphy. If you always want to tune into artists who charter unique paths with their sound, get on board with this phenomenal artist.

Waves is now available to stream on here

Review by Amelia Vandergast

J. Jeaux wore his heart on his polyphonic sleeve in his alt-RnB single, Overflow

J. Jeaux’s sophomore single Overflow exhibits his unique approach to music, combining lo-fi RnB elements with touches of pop, blues, and funk, creating a sound that is both innovative and nostalgically resonant.

The track’s gravitational pull is undeniable, drawing listeners into a world of eclecticism. The polyphonic synth lines are a highlight, weaving a complex yet harmonious tapestry of sound that feels timelessly modern. This, coupled with minimalist percussion, sets a backdrop that allows J. Jeaux’s vocal talents to shine. The vocal effects are far from typical, adding an intriguing layer to the track and solidifying his distinct style.

J. Jeaux’s ability to channel his emotions into his music is evident. The song discusses the turmoil of overthinking during heartbreak against an energetic backdrop. This juxtaposition is not just a creative choice; it’s a representation of healing, layering sadness with boogie vibes to create a therapeutic musical experience.

As a multi-instrumentalist and composer, J. Jeaux’s expertise extends beyond traditional singer-songwriter boundaries. His experience in composing for video games and media adds a unique dimension to his music that you will want to get lost in time after time.

This track is a clear indication of his potential to leave a lasting impact on the music industry, especially for those who appreciate the blending of traditional soulful rhythms with innovative experimental sounds.

Overflow poured onto the airwaves on November 24. Stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast