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Old News: Terrific Maryland rapper Marie wishes he would fill the void on ‘A Father’s Love’

With a supremely reflective look into her life that made her turn to music for that true salvation, Marie tells us the sad story about how the world made her feel so cold without his once-needed presence on ‘A Father’s Love‘.

Marie is an emerging and mentally mature hip-hop artist and University of Maryland Eastern Shore post grad who grew in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Marie experienced numerous lessons that life had to offer at an early age – specifically the internal and external battles stemming from an absent father and a teenage mother. Those experiences later transformed into words. By 14, Marie discovered an interest in songwriting, which naturally led to rapping.” – Marie

Her raps are so decisive and full of a real edge that transforms your mood into thinking so much clearer – her style is inspiring as the carefully penned lyrics are so real – as she bears her own soul to the world to see.

A Father’s Love‘ from the skilled Maryland-based rapper Marie, is taken off her epic eight-track ‘Syllables of Life‘ album and is such a top single that shows us a world that needs more role models. She wanted his attention so bad but he wasn’t around, so she moved on to her close friends to help to be believe that she was indeed special, and it wasn’t her fault that he left. She is moving onto happier days – and it shows you that music really does heal – if you let it help you.

Stream this deep single on Spotify and check out the IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen