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Alexandra created a vocal symphony in her cinematic RnB rock release, Grieve You 

Pulling elements of rock and RnB together with cinematic grace is a trait the Sydney soulstress Alexandra is quickly becoming infamous for. Her latest single, Grieve You, is her finest introspective score to date. Alexandra’s artful command over her vocal range is a symphony in itself.
Late one night, the compulsion to greet and say goodbye to her inner child reflectively came to fruition. Resulting in a sombre ode to the lack of closure that we all mourn from the tribulations we endured when we were too young and naïve to advocate for ourselves. Whatever your history, the shimmering reverb in Grieve You around the angular pirouetting guitars is sure to bring some catharsis.
Grieve You will officially release on October 7th. Catch it on SoundCloud. 
Review by Amelia Vandergast

Chalant hooks us up ‘For a Night’ with his injection of dark RnB

After garnering a serious amount of traction around his debut single, the Sydney-based alternative artist, Chalant, has dropped his dark, grungy slice of RnB, For a Night. If you can imagine what it would sound like if Frank Ocean and Trent Reznor met in the sonic middle, you will get an idea of how emotionally intense this production is as it balances on wailing synths, oscillating bass and dark monochromatic textures.

Never afraid to gaze into the most malignant facets of the human condition, Chalant is quickly making a name for himself in the field of high fire social dissections. With a perspective that is just as refreshing as his sound, it is only a matter of time before Chalant sees the top of the charts.

For a Night is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast