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Rips Through My Brain: Virgin Winter tried to untangle the vicious web on ‘Syd Jangles’

With his long locks flowing into the wind as he looks up above, Virgin Winter sings with overriding emotion that might have you feeling like this is a track you need to close your eyes with to truly experience accurately on ‘Syd Jangles‘.

Virgin Winter aka Randall Pants is a Saint Paul, Minnesota-born, Roseville, Minnesota-based indie psychedelic rock solo artist.

I am a dorky hermit who loves art sessions and walks in the suburbs.” ~ Virgin Winter

Virgin Winter shows us his intense best with a splendid presentation that seems to summon your whole soul. This is a creative man who lets his music do the talking, as she shreds through the naked speakers with a stunning ambience that might leave you shaking in delight. His message of trying to get rid of the demons in his head is deeply honest, and you find yourself thinking back to when you burnt the webs of pain in your own world.

Syd Jangles‘ from the Roseville, Minnesota-based indie psychedelic rock solo artist Virgin Winter, is a mesmerizing performance from a young artist who sings with such a passionate tone. Each second has those deep lyrics that are so mysteriously intertwined in our mind – with vocals that are hard to hear at times – and cleverly forces you to turn the volume all the way upwards.

Hear this heartfelt encounter on YouTube and see more via his FB page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen