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Swing Away

Daytona Beach rapper Tomoka Ryan shows us his fierce tenacity on ‘Swing Away’ (feat. Haden Carpenter)

Taken from his brand new full release called ‘Dad Bod’, Tomoka Ryan knows the home run is coming soon as he believes in his abilities enough to win at life no matter what the scoreboard says on ‘Swing Away(feat. Haden Carpenter).

Tomoka Ryan is a Daytona Beach, Florida-based indie Hip hop solo artist who has a likeable rap style that will have you pressing repeat for hours.

The state of Florida has notoriously produced artists who have built their identity around drugs and violence, but Tomoka Ryan has found success in selling the more positive attributes of his region.” ~ Tomoka Ryan

Guiding us to where he knows the promised land is, Tomoka Ryan raps with a self-assured style that is never too much, only relatable and furnished with impressive promise.

He is candid on a myriad of topics such as his wife’s feelings about the rapper lifestyle and the pressures of creating good music without the guarantee of a return on investment.” ~ Tomoka Ryan

Swing Away(feat. Haden Carpenter) from Daytona Beach, Florida-based indie Hip hop solo artist Tomoka Ryan is a reflective gem that we need to admire. Shepherding us through the internal battles that can halt your progress if you let it, this is a brave warrior who sees the winning line and isn’t stopping until he reaches it. Saucing his fire-lit flows with a dynamic approach that feels natural and totally real – we are entertained to the fullest – by a rising artist who knows what he wants.

If you keep on swinging, you will reach your goals if you put the work in and get that luck on your side.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen