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Felt This Way: Lucy Chan hopes for the perfect romance on Mr Apologetic

Waiting for that warm embrace and many kisses to make up for everything, Lucy Chan finds that her soul desires a proper soulmate who can make everything better on her stunning new single Mr Apologetic.

Lucy Chan is a Sydney, Australia-based indie pop singer-songwriter and student who loves the sound of the 80s and 90s and comes from an extraordinary musical family.

After recently sitting down with us for an incredibly honest interview filled with inspiration for all aspiring creatives, Lucy Chan shall heal all hearts with this superb single of significance. From calming our broken hearts on Love Motion Picture, this is a rather marvellous effort to hold hands with all evening long.

Mr Apologetic from Sydney, Australia-based indie pop singer-songwriter Lucy Chan is a truly transcendent release. We find a rather breathtaking effort which has been made with a crisp class which seems to be missing from our current world. This is a young musician with that extra motivation, to prove herself right and further cement her proud family’s creative heritage.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Back To Stay: Craymo craves that romantic conclusion on Love Me or Leave Me Alone

Looking for a final decision to improve his mood rather imminently, Craymo has dropped a superb new single to play rather loud all day long with the spectacular Love Me or Leave Me Alone.

Craymo is an Orlando, Florida-based indie electronic artist who grew up with a dreamer mentality and hasn’t stopped crushing challenges since back in the day.

After kindly sitting down with us for a truly insightful interview, Craymo slams away the frustration with a statement track for anyone who is beyond fatigued of not knowing the romantic intentions of a mysteriously enticing soul.

Love Me or Leave Me Alone from Orlando, Florida-based indie electronic musician Craymo is a rather dynamically honest track which will leave brittle hearts alive with fire. Projected so splendidly and absorbed with so much excitement, this is a rather top-notch effort to get truly astounded about.

This is the type of track to meditate with when you’re looking for that answer.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Call Me Up: Jackson Scott is so happy again on the trust-filled single Save Your Friends

Rolling it up again and sliding swiftly through the roses of life, Jackson Scott is here to help us realize what is actually important on the superlative single we should blare heartily inside our speakers with Save Your Friends.

Jackson Scott is a Pittsburgh native who dropped out of college, as his love for the guitar was too strong to be ignored for any longer.

His voice, whether pitched up or androgynous, offers a series of still life paintings and snapshots into the predecessor of our contemporary youth culture.” ~ Jackson Scott

Exhibiting so much appreciation for a genuine friendship which is mutually real through everything, Jackson Scott is utterly outstanding on so many levels and needs more love. A hazy air fills the atmosphere at each turn, and there is rarified air to breathe in here with much recklessly planned exuberance.

Save Your Friends from Pittsburgh-based indie singer-songwriter Jackson Scott is a dreamy life altering experience to play at roaring levels of enjoyment. This is pure and projected so brilliantly by an artist in his prime.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen