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Million Dollar Dreams: Roanin keeps on reaching for his goals on ‘Perfect Picture’

As he eagerly drives towards the positive light away from the doom and gloom, Roanin unlocks the door and shows us into his ‘Perfect Picture‘ of peace and freedom.

Roanin Anwar aka Roanin is a talented Kurdish electronic music producer, DJ, songwriter, and composer, who was born in peaceful Sweden. He fuses that deep vibration about never giving up on what you want to achieve, as he breathes new life into our lives after the depressing last twelve months for the whole planet.

This is the story of having that feeling inside that you just can’t shake, as you see others veer from their dreams, you refuse to do the same and are only interested in driving toward the sun of enlightenment, where finances are incredible so you can live the life you want.

His vocals are honest and with a freshly tuned beat – this is a terrific track to turn on when you wake up each day – as the message is one of positive energy, away from the bad vibes which do more harm than good.

Perfect Picture‘ from Sweden’s electro-producer Roanin, sums up the current mood of the world as we look to keep those goals alive of living a comfortable life, that are fueled by the massacre of a year that has made so many of us jobless. With new opportunities on the way, this is the time to build up, so you can be stronger on your mountain of self-discovery.

Stream this track on YouTube and see his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Santino Salvadore’s summer time jam ‘The Keyword is Money’

We all know a handful of people dedicated to aesthetic. It’s a pursuit of image and can mean a great deal of compromise in one’s personal life. You may find yourself unable to wear certain clothing or to enjoy certain activities. One of the most painful sacrifices can be missing out on genuinely good music. Imagine hearing what could be the song of your summer and reeling at the fact that it’s not quite dark enough or dirty enough for you to be seen listening to it. Santino Salvador has the perfect cure for this illness of self-limiting: The Keyword is Money.

This track sways  like summertime jam that finds you near a coast, possibly fresh out of the water and into the nearest, sleaziest bar available. It’s the perfect balance between relaxing in the sun and sinking into smoke. With a familiar take on classic reggae rhythms and an expressive brass section, the song takes on a life of its own inhabitable by anyone. Summer goth? Hardcore punk in need of a cooldown? Maybe a pop fan looking to take a walk into something unexpected. This song oozes guilty pleasure for a wide variety of people. Santino Salvador will undoubtedly show a knack for bringing people together via this sketchy, catchy tune.

-Paul Weyer