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Sun Kovu

Sun Kovu puts an Afro-futurist twist on RnB in his latest single, Myspace

Sun Kovu’s latest RnB single, Myspace, is an indulgently innovative mash of Y2K vibes, Afro-futurism and hip hop. Sometimes, it can feel like RnB artists are struggling to keep the pace in terms of stylish progression, but paradoxically, Myspace is a brand-new trajectory into futurist genius.

The seductive beats and mellifluous yet trippy all the same melodies, which were produced by Tamira Slade, were orchestrated to take the listener on a trip through time and space. That definitely resonates once you’ve delved into the sexually urgent track that uses the lyricism to yearn for physicality while the vocals bring the soul and the beats bring the trancey and off-kilter textures.

Myspace is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast