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Celebrate: Montreal’s Wayne Tennant tells us to appreciate what we have on the soulful ‘Sun and Moon’

Taken off his first EP for seven long years called ‘Curfew Flowers‘, Wayne Tennant thought his whole world was falling apart but ultimately he found his true love for music again with the inspiring message sprinkled with funky-cool grooves that is ‘Sun and Moon‘.

Wayne Tennant is a Montreal, Canada-based indie Alt-RnB solo singer-songwriter and music producer who felt inspired during the incredibly strict curfew in his home town during this tragic covid-19 pandemic.

Sonically, it’s a fresh spin on the retro sounds of gogo music from the mid-60s, a sub-genre of funk that is now named the official music of Washington D.C. as of 2020.” ~ Wayne Tennant

This is a bright-eyed creative who seems to possess a superpower of love that is so missing in this wishy-washy world currently, as he strides through with panache and has our alerted attention firmly fixed on these Prince-like vocals and honest lyrics. The vibe is so uplifting and the energy so pure, which is just the way we ultimately like it.

Sun and Moon‘ from Montreal, Canada-based indie Alt-RnB solo singer-songwriter Wayne Tennant, is the type of ear-fixing song that will lift you off your gloomy frown, that shall be followed by a happy face and a brighter shine. The world fell off its axis and it was so hard to endure the doom, but it feels that so much has also been gained. Music like this, is the exactly the reason why we should be so optimistic. Freshly brewed goodness with a mood changer treat for the soul, is exactly the order of the day here.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen