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Summer Rain

New York’s Graztopia hopes for quick relief from those scorching rays that can melt your brain with his latest single ‘Summer Rain’

Bare Bones In The Attic E.P. by Graztopia

Taken off the ‘Bare Bones In The Attic E​.​P‘, Graztopia boogies that rain dance into existence as he asks for that sweet and tasty ‘Summer Rain‘ that will have your body feeling refreshed again.

Graztopia is a one-man-band/singer-songwriter/live looping solo musician from New York City who has been assembling music since he was barely walking.

His well crafted original songs combined with his poetic/storyteller like lyrics span various genres of music such as rock n roll, alternative folk rock, singer-songwriter, jamband, psychedelic, jazz/blues.” ~ Graztopia

With a remarkably humble and thriving style that sends you into a happy place that has been hiding away for too long as the covid-induced drought baked our souls for a while, Graztopia shakes us back into place with a superb single that has world-class written all over it.

Summer Rain‘ from the New York City-based live looper Graztopia, transmits to us a tap-fill of joy to have you jamming all over the streets again as you drip with happiness. There is a gritty tone here with a beat that will have you tapping your feet and clicking your fingers, as you find someone real to dance with.

Life is all about being free from the stifling heat after all right?

Listen in to this new single on Bandcamp and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Berlin band Rodeo FM send us indie-folk Americana with meaning on ‘Summer Rain’

Rodeo FM send us a lovely song to get in a reflective mood with the Americana-infused single ‘Summer Rain‘.

Rodeo FM were founded in 2004 and have quickly become the Darlings of the Berlin Americana scene. They have played relentlessly ever since, being compared to Tom Petty, Whiskeytown and the Stones and incorporating a heritage from Gram Parsons to Howe Gelb. They have played art and country fairs, demonstrations and symposiums, jazz and beer festivals, weddings and funerals, punk cellars and line-dance clubs. Blending their own Americana by moving effortlessly between country, folk, blues, jazz and garage rock.

Summer Rain‘ is the second single of the bands upcoming album ‘The Upgrade Of Truth‘, which is to be released in late 2020. The band have been taking their time to get their music together and this is such a polished release.

Berlin’s Rodeo FM bless our ears with ‘Summer Rain‘ which is such a mellow Americana journey for the ages. I love how honest this new song is. A fine effort.

Stream here via YouTube.

Click here for the Facebook link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen