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You Can Do Anything: Inspiring UK rapper Sugarae urges us to live out these dreams on ‘Alive’

As he thoughtfully bestows his memoirs about grappling through life until he realized that he needed a mentality shift, Sugarae shows us that it is unquestionably conceivable to bust through any restrictions on ‘Alive‘.

Sugarae is a fast-rising West Midlands, UK-based indie hip-hop artist and music producer who raps with an evenly tinted flow that is destined for greatness.

Brought up in a musical household where he found himself surrounded by a multitude of influences, Sugarae started out on the piano but quickly found himself obsessing over music production. Teaching himself to use FL Studio and Logic Pro with Youtube Tutorials, it wasn’t long before Sugarae was making professional beats for Grime Radio sets.” ~ Sugarae

There is a welcoming air of optimism from a self-confident man who has had to claw his way up the tree of life like a hungry kitty cat, who refuses to use up any more of those all-important nine lives. He raps with such a certain conviction and a must-hear attitude, that takes your alert mind into a positive place full of dreams that are attainable.

Alive‘ from the West Midlands, UK-based indie hip-hop solo artist and music producer Sugarae, shows us into a creative mind that has decided that anything is actually possible if you are focused enough. He leads us into a world that is filled with so much opportunity – if it is taken quickly and not wasted – with childish games that don’t lead you anywhere in life.

Hear this fine new track on Soundcloud and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sugarae struts in with R&B flow on ”VIP”

Sugarae is a 26 year old musician based in Birmingham in England. This is a R&B artist with a huge future and his pushes all his chips on the table with his new single ”VIP”. Since learning how to create music at the age of 14, he is now composing, producing, mixing and mastering his own music. This is a man who knows what he is doing and these are sleek beats.

VIP” is a song all about being noticed and being an important figure when out and about with friends and lovers. Sugarae is busting down the door in the UK scene and it’s hard to ignore this supremely talented artist from Birmingham.

The young artist Sugarae sets the picture with this song being inside a club and he is clearly moving up the ranks. The UK singer is in full form here and no one is going to push him over in 2020.

Click here to hear the new track here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen