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Searching For The One: Phil Mitchell Band bring us something real to hold onto with ‘My Love is True’

Taken off their much-anticipated fourth album called ‘A Better World‘, Phil Mitchell Band return with the lovely new single about that beating heart on ‘My Love is True’.

Phil Mitchell Band are an entertaining Chicago, Illinois-based indie-pop act, who formulate that real heart-warming music and features Alvaro Soto on lead guitar with a fine team of various talented singers.

With a story about finding the one no matter what obstacles get in your way, you feel like you have jumped into a time machine and landed in the 80’s, when life was a lot more simple. This is a sweet story full of positive energy, that feels like it is wrapped around you in a caring bow.

The stunning vocals give you a massive hug and you feel happier inside that healing heart that needs all the goodness in the world, after a horrific year that has questioned all of our beliefs.

My Love is True‘ from Chicago’s well-liked Phil Mitchell Band, is a sweet story full of loving vocals and striking lyrics, that captures your heart and makes you feel like it is possible to find that right person on your path to self-enlightenment. That ever-lasting love is the key to unlocking all of your dreams after all.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on their Facebook music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Its always 20/20: Chris Register drops quality thirteen-track album ‘Hindsight’

Cruising in with the terrific follow up to 2020’s ‘Wake Up Call‘, Chris Register sends us his 14-track ‘Hindsight‘ album that has him in thoughtfully top form.

Maine-based proud father and indie r&b singer-songwriter/rapper Chris Register, makes that soulful reflective music that strikes at your heart with warmth and makes you truly think about where you are headed in life and with love.

With a gripping voice that zips the doubt out of your head and puts the spring in your step, he lifts the mood on the dark and gloomy world with a sterling effort full of r&b lo-fi beats, sultry vocals and atmospheric daydreams.

The highlights on this album are vast as there are no fillers which makes a welcome change from most albums of this size. Particular tracks that have a little bit of extra shine are definitely ‘Feelings‘, the love song that will have the candles on low as you get close with that special one in your life. The calming and classy vocals of GIA adds so much and these two should make more music together, as they are perfectly matched.

Moving On‘ is another sweetly tendered song that sweeps you off your feet due to the stunning vocals and lyrics that flows through the speakers and drowns out all other distractions.

Ur Eyes‘ is another gem here as the tone slows down with the mellow acoustic vibes and this seems to suit this wildly talented artist.

Hindsight‘ from Maine indie singer-songwriter/rapper Chris Register, is that gem in the ground that is hard to find but when you do, it was certainly worth finding it. He sings with such poise and class throughout, full of vocals that are highly impressive.

Looking back does you no good in life and the key is to learn from those lost loves and to makes sure that next time you give your heart to someone, you have taken the time to make sure that they won’t break it. Easier said than done but possible, if you believe enough and use your gut instinct correctly.

Stream this criminally underrated album here on Spotify and see his adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen