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Worldy dreamy pop stardust from Stevie Bull’s incredible ‘Hotel’

Stevie Bill is a new name is the music scene and she kicks down the door with the excellent ‘Hotel‘.

From Amsterdam to NYC, Stevie Bill’s journey eventually needed her own stories. That time is now and this is a singer with an elegant voice that is so silky and smooth, you could listen to Stevie sing all day and night. This girl can sing and brings her kind authenticity with her.

Born to an English mother and a Dutch father, she moved to buzzing Berlin after her 17th birthday and she soon found herself working in studio’s and writing songs for other artists. While in Berlin, Stevie applied to the prestigious Clive Davis Institute at NYU, New York. She was accepted and moved there in September, at age 19. In New York, Stevie has been working on her project 24/7, collaborating with the writers and producers she met in Amsterdam, Berlin and New York during the last couple of years. Stevie wants her music to be relatable to her peers, telling stories about ambition, self-doubt, friendships and living in a dorm room with strangers.

You feelings cool down and things end too quickly. A few hours before it was all sunsets and clean sheets. The night was young and the hotel was amazing. It was just you two, open windows, kissing but then you start to disagree on silly things. The love was strong and you were falling upwards in love but now its the the complete opposite. Falling downwards but then you realize you are just reminiscing. You are happy now and are with the love of your life, strolling on the beach and looking at the stars.

Stevie Bill is a fantastic singer and I love this debut track. From singing covers, she is showing the world her creativity and she takes full charge here. This is an artist who is getting to know herself and her music reflects her growing maturity.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen