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Getting What She Wants: J Whit isn’t impressed by those ‘Puppy Eyes’

He raps with a statement delivery that tells it straight up, as he drops off the post to make a point. J Whit returns with his latest single about the now-undesirable girl he has worked out on ‘Puppy Eyes‘.

J Whit is a indie-pop rapper with a different style of music to the rest, as he brings in those unique flows that are mixed with a beat that will have you trying to place if you have heard this before.

This is the story of feeling that she let you down, as she lets out those cute eyes to the random strangers, and gets anything she wants. You aren’t too happy with this as its all been seen before, as your optimism dissipates and you realize that you want to be with someone that has more backbone in life.

The raps and beats combine on ‘Puppy Eyes‘. to add a layer of saucy sizzle to a song that is all about wanting more in life and not settling for someone that is cheap and the opposite to loyal.

Your mind has expanded like a balloon full of water and you only want to grow so you are truly happy. J Whit’s mind is made and there is no turning back now.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen