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How Musicians Should Prepare for Spotify Wrapped 2023

Spotify Wrapped 2023

Instead of Spotify Wrapped catching you off guard this year, gear up for the 2023 launch by creating content to share across your social media platforms, restocking your Spotify merch page and preparing a short video which will be presented to your top fans to make the most out of the momentum of the annual event.

Spotify Wrapped has been knocking around since 2016, but in 2022 Spotify took the event one step further by giving the artists the opportunity to share reels and take advantage of other features in a bid to help fans get closer to their favourite artists.

To maximise the momentum and monetization, Spotify for Artists has produced a guide for artists to prepare for the biggest fan moment of the year. If you are wondering if it is worth the effort, a Spotify article revealed that fans wanting merch from their top wrapped artists led to the biggest ever week of artist merch sales on the platform!

Every year Spotify Wrapped rolls around, there are swathes of cynics bemoaning the value of Spotify royalties and fans; yes, one t-shirt is the equivalent of thousands of streams, but no guns are forced to the foreheads of music fans forcing them to choose between buying a band tee and paying for a monthly Spotify subscription. Leave the pessimists to their lament; hundreds of millions of listeners around the world come together for Wrapped, focus on them and how you can thank your fans for their support.

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When Will Spotify Wrapped Streaming Data Be Released in 2023?

Spotify will cease collecting streaming data on the 31st of October; currently, it is rumoured that the data will be released a few weeks later; however, Spotify is keeping the Wrapped release date under wraps for now, aside from the advice that artists should get a video ready by the 15th of November.

Your Spotify Wrapped 2023 Check List

  1. Record a Wrapped Video Message

Your Wrapped video message will appear in your top fans’ Wrapped experience; it should be 30-second or less address to the fans elucidating what their support means to you. You can also tease what you have lingering in the pipeline to add some hype around your future releases or plans! Shoot the video virtually, come up with a catchy caption, and leave your music on your Spotify page and out of the audio.

  1. Give Your Top Fans Access to Discounted Merch

Adding discounts to merch for only your most devout fans is a brand-new feature for Spotify Wrapped 2023. Unfortunately, this feature is currently only available to artists in the US and Canada. If you want to give your top fans a discount, ensure your discount rewards are set up by the 15th of November by heading to your Spotify for Artists page, hitting the merch tab and creating the discount.

  1. Create or Refresh Your Spotify Merch Stall

If you are outside the US or Canada, you can still maximise your merch sales by adding exclusive and new merch to your Spotify merch shop. There’s no harm in attempting to clear old stock either! Just make sure the items you want to sell are the five recently added items and your merch will be promoted to your top fans via their wrapped experience and email. For more info on how to sell merch via Spotify, read the Shopify merch guide.

  1. Promote Your Upcoming Shows

If your tour dates are listed on any of Spotify’s partner sites, your top fans will be informed where you are playing and tempted into buying tickets. To name a few, ticket partner sites include DICE, Eventbrite, See Tickets, Songkick and Ticketmaster.

  1. Prepare Your Spotify for Artist Profile

  • Even though it is likely that your top fans are already following you on your social media pages, double-check check all your social handles are added and up to date.
  • Playlist your top 2023 picks via your personal account on the Spotify app to highlight your top 2023 releases and the tracks that inspired you throughout the year. It is a great opportunity to help give other bands some recognition!
  • Set up a Fan Support link. If asking for virtual donations or ‘end of year tips’ makes you feel uncomfortable (it shouldn’t), you can always ask for donations for a charitable cause you feel strongly about which will help fans to understand you on a deeper level and raise funds for a worthy organisation.

For more advice on how to increase your Spotify streams and boost your monthly follower count, learn more about our artist development and consultancy services.

Article by Amelia Vandergast