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Right Here Right Now: Talia Perez feels the wholesome spirit within her on ‘Glory’

Bringing us a beautiful single about never losing your core belief no matter what happens in your life, Talia Perez sings for the Lord with her Christian-inspired new release all about worshiping in all the ‘Glory‘.

Talia Perez is a faith-driven indie Gospel singer-songwriter, actress, model, and former Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts student.

This is such a reinvigorating effort from a galvanizing creative who seems to effortlessly breeze in swiftly with such wonderful energy into this cold world. Her lyrics brings you closer and into her dazzling eyes, as she sees the world with an innocent picture that is such a breath of fresh air. Sometimes a singer really grips you close and takes you places – as she somehow takes all the bad vibes away in a few minutes – with a stunning vocal performance to truly remember fondly.

Glory‘ from the multi-talented model, actress and incredibly soulful indie Gospel artist Talia Perez, is an inspiring new single all about never losing hope in this distraction-filled world. She sings with a higher purpose and you feel the atmospherically advanced ambiance flowing all over your soft skin, as sensational shivers seem to naturally form all over your whole body. Her vocal ability is rather special you see, and gives you a naturally inspiring lift that is much needed. The world may seem so dark – but when you listen to a true talent like this – everything seems okay again.

Hear this glorious creation on her Soundcloud and see more news on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Kontrol Freaks drop energetically excellent ‘Rock N Roll Fire’

Kontrol Freaks drop the energetically excellent ‘Rock N Roll Fire‘ and this is a fine effort from the UK outfit.

This is a hard rocking 4 piece band from North London, Kontrol Freaks and they have an upbeat style that has lots of heart and respects the legends of past hard rock acts. They like to fuse the old school spirit and mix it nicely with some modern elements. This is an act that pushes the limits and you just need to turn this up real loud to fully appreciate this.

Rock N Roll Fire‘ from Kontrol Freaks is a powerfully performed new rock waterfall that simmers through the waters of our souls. The vocals are strong and so impressive, the band is totally in-sync here and the tone is intense. The layers are wrapped with a desire to get that fire back from the slumber and misery of 2020. This proudly North London band have a sound that gets your attention right away. This is a quality act who certainly have that extra it-factor and must be incredible on stage.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Adam Kilner sings with love and passion on the stunning ‘Come, Sit for Awhile’

Taken off his exciting debut solo album ‘Freedom Tapestry’ from Adam Kilner shows us the deep corners of his mind, soul, and spirit for all the world to see face to face. This is that proper grown up music. Real feelings and getting inside that soul. His musical soul finds its groove and seems to flow through.

The world is such a confusing place sometimes and luckily we have Adam to bring calm into our lives here. This is music to relax to, take a long drive to and play again and again. This is that sad love story and be apart for many moons. The passionate scream for better times as then the music settles. The piano strikes a perfect balance as we sway our whole bodies.

Come, Sit for Awhile‘ from Adam Kilner is an old school ode to the romantics out there, the dreamers and lovers. With the year a confusing mess, we need something to believe it. By taking a breath, we can now truly heal again and recover that boost that you need.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head through to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen