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Take Me Home Tonight: Remember Monday thrive tremendously with quality cover of Queen’s classic ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’

With their distinctively classy harmonies which cleverly seem to flip grumpy frowns into happy smiles like a tasty pancake does, Remember Monday are absolutely marvelous on the amazing cover for Queen’s massive hit single from 1978 named ‘Fat Bottomed Girls‘.

Remember Monday is an acoustic folk/pop/country trio from the beautiful part of South East of England. They join forces rather sweetly to bring out music that has your heart riveted and thoroughly captivated, by their fantastic vocal abilities as a team.

They focus heavily on intricate group harmonies whilst always showcasing their strong individual vocals. Their gigging highlights include playing C2C Festival at the O2 London, opening the very first Dixie Fields Festival, and performing their original song ‘Jailbreaker‘ in the quarter finals of The Voice UK.” ~ Remember Monday

With a joyfully pleasing sound and a true sense of togetherness – you get the feeling that you are listening to something of the highest quality – with ravishing vocals that has your heart feeling so warm, after a horrific twelve months.

Fat Bottomed Girls‘ from thrilling English three-piece country/pop/folk group Remember Monday, got the approval of Brian May himself and you can see why. This is a special display and sung with such style and grace from this upcoming trio who are much-loved all over the world. The sky is the only limit for this outstanding group.

Stream this terrific new single on Spotify and see more on their growing IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Harry Baker has dropped RnB infused single Eagles

The soul artist that is Harry Baker has released his latest single ‘Eagles’ along with a stripped-back version. Bringing in that uplifting sound of Jazz and Hip-Hop combined.

Instantly this wave of energy hits you, the melody that pulses out of the background is catchy and each second has this fast-paced upbeat rhythm. Constantly keeping this lively feeling flowing through and keeping that positive energy throughout.

The vocal ranges tend to be higher in pitch, having that mellow tone to them the way in which the voice and instrumentation combine together is what makes you feel good when you listen to it, when it all comes together it instantly moves you.

If you’re more of a fan of ditching the autotune and added effects then the stripped back version will be the one for you. Hearing that everything just how it is, the roar emotion that seeps through the vocals and the calming elements of the instrumentation.

Check out Harry Baker’s Eagles by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall