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South East London Hip Hop

South East London’s most promising hip hop enigma EmanFromDaA2 has released his latest high vibe hit, Stay Down, featuring Ricky Banks.


London-based rap artist, EmanFromDaA2, has brought a brand-new sound to the South-East hip-hop talent pool. His latest single, Stay Down, featuring Ricky Banks is the perfect introduction.

The funk-riding Afrobeat-inspired instrumentals give the up-tempo track a tropic touch while EmanFromDaA2 lays down his bars that he will quickly become renowned for under his new moniker. The first thing that grips you in the mix is the mindful and socially conscious wit in the lyrics. The lyric “It’s nothing new for us to stay down” hits you like a brick, but EmanFromDaA2 and Ricky Banks bring you right back up with their instantly magnetic presence.

Stay Down is due for official release on October 22nd. You can check it out for yourselves via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast