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Haven’t Seen You In A While: South Chicago’s Pat Egan and The Heavy Hearts take us down their memory lane with ‘Could Use Some Lovin’

After so many band changes and self-inflicted pressure following the release of 2019’s ‘Love & Disruption‘, Pat Egan and The Heavy Hearts have gone back to having fun and seem heartily refreshed after that summer sun good vibes feel again with their latest single ‘Could Use Some Lovin‘.

Pat Egan and The Heavy Hearts is an indie rock/roots band from South Chicago in the USA. They are one of those nostalgic bands that have your healing heart feeling toasty warm, like those memorable campfires of youth.

The song is about someone being aware of the turn in front of them and just hoping the people that they’ve been friends with can come with.” ~ Pat Egan and The Heavy Hearts

With a catchy sound that has you feeling all snug and rather reminiscently thoughtful about previous times that make you laugh, this is that yesteryear track – that has been made for modern day – to remind us to reach out to those true friends you value.

There is so much to like about the compellingly entertaining vocals and overall band grit from Pat Egan and The Heavy Hearts, as they put on a real show with the best intentions laid out for us to lather heartily into. This is the type of song that has your happy body moving to the enticing groove – as they sweetly soak us all into a top song – that will be totally timeless due to its true authenticity.

There was so much self-imposed pressure on the last release. With this one, we wanted to just have fun and record songs that we could listen to in twenty years.” ~ Pat Egan and The Heavy Hearts

Could Use Some Lovin‘ from the soulful South Chicago underground indie rock/roots legends Pat Egan and The Heavy Hearts, is a true story about missing those innocent days and hoping that there are still a few old school friends around to share it all with. As the world seems to move faster, buildings being knocked down and friends drifting away for a better life, this is that lets-enjoy-this-while-it-lasts moment that all of us can truly relate to.

Those memories with good humans are certainly valued forever if you capture them, to never let them go from your heart.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more of their elevation upwards on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen