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Worries Don’t Seem Too Big: South Birmingham hip-hop artist OriginelJay blazes away the issues with ‘Smoke 2 That’

Released by the claw-like ferocity of local indie label TigerBloodMuzik Entertainment, OriginelJay gets into the 420 mode with the rizla-filled new 20th April 2021 dropped single full of smokey puff called ‘Smoke 2 That‘.

OriginelJay is a underground South Birmingham, England-based ten-year veteran emcee, who flows in the room with a style that has you reaching for the lighter beside you and flaming up the vibe, to make sure that its alive with breathtaking bars of quality.

This is the message about not worrying about anything for too long — as you toke up and forget about the stress of life — the vibe of lighting off the pressure is paramount as you find your way in this overly stressful world, that is full of potholes and undesirables all over the place.

You feel his authentic mellow vibe filter through through the speakers, as his impressively consistent delivery packs a punch each time and shows his ever-increasing credentials in a bloated genre.

Smoke 2 That‘ from the talented South Birmingham hip-hop artist OriginelJay, is a roll away from the problems with this steamy new track that flows like a freestyle and has you happy like you just swam an Olympic backstroke. He puts out all the fires with a cloud-like reflective, that is full of cleverly rapped bars which are highly impressive.

Stream this new single on Soundcloud and check out his Twitter for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen