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Love Is: S.B.F the Great brings us the superbly intriguing ‘Wild Heart’ (feat. Mariami)

With a brooding beat that catches fire and lures you inside willingly, S.B.F the Great is fantastic on the story about staying true to yourself on ‘Wild Heart(feat. Mariami).

S.B.F the Great is a fast-emerging sound designer who was born in Saudi Arabia, who now travels all over the world as his sound evolves all the time, to bringing forth a new age creation that certainly lifts your mood up.

This catch-a-breath beat has you so captivated, as the energy force fields takes you inside swimmingly to the galaxy-defying effort, that is such a sumptuous listen. You feel healed somehow, her stunning vocals and the quality production is on full display here, through such a waterfall-filled planet of music wonderland.

Wild Heart(feat. Mariami) from Saudi Arabia-born sound designer S.B.F the Great, is the story about staying free and in tune with your ultimate desires, no matter what obstacles are in your way. Having the courageousness to keeping your passions alive, is the core to being happy and staying in that zone forever.

Stream this incredible single on Spotify and see more news of further releases on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen