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The Healing Starts Now: Emerging Boston teen singer Alexa Cabral is hurting after unexpected heartbreak on ‘Sleep All Day’

Powered by Soul Power Productions in California, Alexa Cabral returns with her fresh new single that speaks candidly about all the heart-wrenching frustrations that goes into an unexpected breakup that you didn’t see coming on ‘Sleep All Day‘.

Alexa Cabral is a talented Boston-based teen pop artist, who fuses her elegant vocals with trap-inspired drums, plucked synths and combined with lyrics that are wise beyond her years.

She sings with the wind behind her back, as she tells the story of feeling so down and blaming herself for what has happened. Her picture perfect tone is such a pleasurable feeling on your curious ears, as you just know that she has a special career ahead of her.

The beat is marvelously catchy and has you tapping your toes, you get lost in her vocals that flourish into your mind. Her innocent lyrics has you gazing outside to wonder about the past relationships that have come and gone in your life, as the frustration that came with them is now but a distant memory, however it is still inside your soul forever.

Sleep All Day‘ from Boston’s young and passionate singer Alexa Cabral, is a whirlwind story about how a relationship ending can really break you down and make you think twice about yourself, when it all falls on your shoulders. The time to healing starts and having the strength to realize that things happen for a reason — is absolutely paramount to loving again — the way you should.

Stream this top track on Spotify and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen