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Searching for your freedom: Augustus Breeze and Sophie Penman are excellent on ‘Dreaming’

Taken off the new two-track EP ‘Ex Nihilo‘, Augustus Breeze and Sophie Penman combine their electrifying chemistry to wonderfully satisfying results on ‘Dreaming‘.

Sophie Penman is a soulfully sweet singer-songwriter based in Edinburgh, Scotland and is joined on this stunning single by Kamran Afshar aka Augustus Breeze– who is a fellow Edinburgh-based music producer. Together they form a fantastic duo who have recently been awarded the prestigious ‘Track of the Week’ on BBC Introducing Scotland.

This is the splendidly explained story of how some people just don’t make sense when you try and work them out. They are leaving now and you know that you need to move to be truly happy and free yourself. Life comes at you with detours sometimes and you need to be fleet-footed and stay in your own lane, until they want to drive with you again.

Their combination of alluring RnB and soulful Jazz breezes mistily through your curious speakers to catch your sense’s attention, as you breathe in that heartfelt sound that your body has missed.

Her elegant style is matched by a sultry voice that makes your head and neck shake in agreement that is that genuine sound of an underground music goddess. The way she controls her tone is masterful and the groovy bass meshed marvelously with the pure production- puts your mind into a sonic sphere that gives your soul a massive hug.

Dreaming‘ from Edinburgh duo Augustus Breeze and Sophie Penman¬†is an excellent single that features so much real soul and stunning vocals, with classy production that will put you in a peaceful but thoughtful mindset.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen