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Sons of Babylon

Sons Of Babylon – Shadows; The Perfect Poetic Vibe.

Starting off with a rather mid-tempo beat and a well-orchestrated intro like that of a cinematic prologue in a blissful serene space that’s invaded with the wind of a happy chime.

This song proves that there’s always something new to learn each day from a good music, all thanks to the artist for giving us this masterpiece.

I’m not gonna forget to mention the glorious nice beat that was flawlessly rendered to pave way for the emergence of the awesomeness of the whole song to be felt in its full glory.

This song is definitely poetry. The artist must have been a renowned poet or a writer because obviously, it’s just a few musicians that can deliver and offer it exactly the way he did.

It’s glaring to behold a view that is so clear and amazing – just like what you’re still yet to experience when you fall back to gently listen with apt attention to understand the message the rapper was trying to point at in the song. All thanks to the artiste for breaking the 1st rule of numb in music with his eccentric style of writing.

Sons of Babylon can be placed among the likes of K-dot Lamar and J.Cole because his creative style of storytelling and rapping is enchanting and invigorating.