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A&R Factory Present: Sonny Step

Sonny Step is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist born in Philadelphia, Pa. He first began playing and studying music in grade school and has since been expanding his music vocabulary to an array of instruments including the piano, guitar, and saxophone. He went to The New School for Jazz and Contemporary music and it was there where he started writing his own music. In the later years of his degree he realized his passion for singing and he quickly began to dominate the live scene around the city. He just graduated and looks forward to touring and leading his band upon the release of his upcoming EP.

Tyler C. is a producer/songwriter born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He began writing songs on his guitar at 12 years old and studied jazz throughout highschool. He went on to Berklee College of Music to study Classical Composition and soon after moved to New York City to pursue a career in the Industry. He started as a session guitarist and now is focusing on developing his own unique catalog and sound.

Sonny and Ty’s friendship began while living together in Brooklyn in 2012. Tyler was producing a lot of music at the time while Sonny was developing his artistry playing live throughout the city. It was in 2015 that they decided to combine forces and make an ep. Tyler’s pop sensibilities were brought to the next level with Sonny’s soulful vision and personality. Sonny and Tyler worked tirelessly together to develop a new sound and are currently working out the live show. Bring Me Back The Music is the first single off of their self entitled ep and highlights some of the flaws within the music/entertainment industry. With its dub/trap inspired track and Sonny’s virtuosic vocals, they hope to elevate the genre and it’s expectations.