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A wonderland of sounds to dance to: South London multi-genre outfit Joe the Lion drop double A-side single ‘Fashion/Machine’

Joe the Lion from South London are back with more top class music on ‘Fashion/Machine‘. They are the band that are so nice, they put out two songs at once. With a blues guitarist, rock bassist, jazz saxophonist and hip-hop drummer all meshing their influences into one melting pot, that produces a tasty meal that will definitely fill up your empty stomach.

His voice strolls in casually like a Sunday afternoon as he is backed up by a sound that is rich in variety and so much soul you might blush so much. This is carefully crafted and polished music for the proper fan who appreciates the electric mix of memories this type of sound brings out.

The solos are quite brilliant and it’s easy to forget your mind map and get lost here as you gaze at the stars and wonder why this kind of music isn’t loved more. You smile and chuckle to yourself and remember that great taste in music is something you are born with.

Both of these songs are excellent, however ‘Machine’ might just edge it like a Joe Root cover drive to the boundary. The extra oomph blusters through the speakers as the band take over and grab the vocals with them.

This is a hot plate of goodness for the soul. Joe the Lion bring us ‘Fashion/Machine‘, a double decker of sonic explosion for the ears that we all need right now.

Listen on Spotify for the South London’s band latest track and see when they are live again via Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen