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I’ll Wait For You: Eydrey gracefully returns with the emotionally beautiful ‘Song For You’

After a two year hiatus from releasing original songs so she could focus fully on her debut album ‘Things We Cannot Change‘, that is due for release in late 2021, Eydrey flourishes brilliantly with such elegance on a true life story about holding on for that love you want the most on ‘Song For You‘.

Eydrey is a mesmerizing El Paso, Texas-born, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico-raised indie-pop singer-songwriter and music producer. She makes that self-discovery journey type of soundtrack, that is filled with love and stories of heartbreak in this harsh world for sweet souls.

Her stunning voice is so tender and caring, each note is expertly toned and sung with such carefully weighted deliberation. You feel her kind heart opening up slowly, as she warily looks around to make sure that no one is going let her down again. The story of loving someone you probably shouldn’t is real, as you start to wonder if it is actually worth it in the end.

Song For You‘ from the outstanding Texas-based indie-pop songwriter-songwriter/producer Eydrey, is a classy single that has us washed quickly into a love wave that is is so hard to explain. The person who you wish to be with isn’t ready so you have chosen to wait for them despite the possible consequences — no matter how much it hurts you to be alone — and to think of them with someone else, as the thought slowly crushes your tender heart.

Hear this wonderfully beautiful single on Spotify and see her IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen