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True Love: Steven Browley sings so sweetly on the ‘Song for Lena’

As her distinctive blonde hair flickers into the wind with a loving smile visually genuine on her face, Steven Browley sings from the deepest part of his heart, on the gushing new single that will have you thinking about the special ones in your life called ‘Song for Lena‘.

Steven Browley is a soulful indie pop musician, who brings that easy listening music to our ears in a genuine fashion. He stirs those romantic emotions deep inside, to bring out carefully crafted creations that makes this harsh world seem okay again.

This is the caring story about how his whole life stops for her, his mind is so happy and things could not be going better. After many years of heartbreak he has found who he has been looking for, as the gaze into her eyes melts all concerns away.

Song for Lena’ from indie pop singer-songwriter Steven Browley, is a true tale of when you fall in love so deeply, your whole world feels like such a better place than before and you can’t stop smiling. That shine inside your veins is so authentic and other worries remain far from your mind, as your heart beats quicker than ever before. Life is bliss.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen