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Awake latent desire with Sometimes Julie’s arcanely empowering soul rock hit, Missed the Boat

The San Diego singer-songwriter duo, Sometimes Julie, rivalled the NYE fireworks by ending 2023 with a bang by unleashing their LP, Seven Wishes on December 31st.  Navigating the tempestuous seas of rock, Sometimes Julie’s standout single, Missed the Boat, is a clarion call to the unfulfilled dreams within us. At the helm of the journey is Monica Sorenson, whose soulful vocal prowess is akin to a lighthouse guiding through foggy doubts. Her voice, imbued with raw, emotive power, intertwines seamlessly with the universal trepidation of time slipping through our fingers.

Rick Walker, the architect of Sometimes Julie’s distinctive sound, chartered a sonic odyssey that transcends sound. His multi-instrumental mastery, reminiscent of a more rock-infused Fleetwood Mac, creates a tapestry where each note resonates with purpose and passion.

If you were looking for permission to embrace your latent desires, it lies within the cultivated blend of storytelling and melodic magnetism, where Sorenson’s voice serves as both the narrator and the protagonist. It’s a journey through self-doubt, culminating in an empowering resolution to seize the moment.

As the final notes fade, you’ll revere Sometimes Julie as storytellers of the soul; their future is as promising as the dreams they inspire.

Missed the Boat hit the airwaves on New Year’s Eve. Stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Forging your own path: Sometimes Julie are highly impressive on ‘Arachne’s Pride / Minerva’

Sometimes Julie are excellent yet again on the spine-tingling new single taken off the recent album ‘Where Are You?‘ and this exciting track is called ‘Arachne’s Pride / Minerva‘.

San Diego, California original six-piece indie-rock band Sometimes Julie make that electric music with hints of blues and Americana fusion, that gets you off your sleepy feet and automatically jumping up and down, satisfying your urge for live music until it returns. They have a exciting allure that makes you want to turn them up real loud so that you don’t miss out on anything.

This is the story of wanting to stay small and innocent as you don’t want to get wrapped up in anyone else’s issues and dreams. You are a person who likes to be free and do what you have set out to do for yourself and not be tied to anything that you don’t feel will serve you long-term. This is ultimately the way to live as to be truly happy inside, trusting your gut is the only way to go.

Arachne’s Pride / Minerva‘ from San Diego’s Sometimes Julie is a rip-roaring effort from the tremendous six-piece band who are breath-taking here with a sound that is so energetic and majestically powerful. They somehow mesh all six members in effortlessly and put on a show that dazzles the speakers and makes you wish you could watch them live at a festival as soon as possible.

In life you need to make your own path, otherwise you will live someone else’s and theirs might have many dangerous detours that will make you dusty and scarred.

Stream this electrifying track on Soundcloud and see more on the band’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen