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Something To Believe In

Jacob Cullum reminds us all that it will be okay despite those frightening fears on ‘Something To Believe In’

With his full-length album on the way in the next few months, Jacob Cullum asks to be caught if he falls into the wrong places on the honest new single about keeping faith with the journey on, ‘Something To Believe In‘.

Jacob Cullum is a Kansas City, Missouri-based indie folk/pop singer-songwriter who is also a worship leader at Church of the Resurrection.

I’m figuring out how to tell my story one song at a time. I make music to restore my soul; and if anyone can resonate with something I’ve created, I think that’s really cool.” ~ Jacob Cullum

With smooth vocals and an unpretentious style, Jacob Cullum is the kind of role model that the world needs more of. There is so much to love about such a wonderfully calm appearance, that sends your mentality into a happier cloud of promise, away from all the current soul-sucking storms of destruction.

Something To Believe In‘ from Kansas City, Missouri-based indie folk/pop singer-songwriter/worship leader Jacob Cullum, takes you to a thoughtful location where you know that you might fall, but hope that you will find that special spirit who shall assist you when you need it most. With intricate guitar-playing of the very finest order – this is one of those dreamy tracks to certainly learn from – as you just close your eyes and imagine when you are in that content place, you have been seeking all these years.

Life is about making sure that you have that safety net, that is there for when you go too far without realizing it.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen