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“Grime Meets the Dancefloor: Chiron Loxton’s Electrifying ‘Ibiza’ Journey”

“Ibiza” by Chiron Loxton is a track that defies expectations in the best way possible. From the moment the song kicks off with thumping “booty-bass” reminiscent of late 90s dance club electronica, you might think you know what to expect. However, Mr. Loxton takes you on a surprising journey as he starts rapping in a talented and gritty grime style.

The fusion of rapid-fire rapping and catchy dance club music creates a captivating and unique combination. Initially, it may seem like an unlikely pairing, but as the song progresses, you can’t help but be drawn in. Chiron Loxton’s skilled delivery and confident flow blend seamlessly with the energetic beats, resulting in a musical experience that demands attention.

“Ibiza” stands out as a testament to Chiron Loxton’s versatility as an artist. It showcases his ability to take unexpected risks and make them work flawlessly. The song is a refreshing departure from the ordinary, injecting a sense of excitement and freshness into the dance music scene.

This track’s ability to surprise and captivate is its strongest asset. It grabs your attention, making you pause and think, “Huh, that’s different, and it’s wonderful.” Chiron Loxton  demonstrates a strong command of his craft, effortlessly navigating the rapid rhythms and infusing the song with his unique style.

“Ibiza” is a bold and innovative offering that pushes the boundaries of genre conventions. It’s a reminder that music has the power to break down barriers and create unexpected connections. Chiron Loxton has crafted a track that is both catchy and thought-provoking, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who listens.

See It In Her Eye: Chiron Loxton wants it all right now on I’m with Everything

Taken from his incredibly audacious 24-track album Mixed Emotions, Chiron Loxton shall steam the windows all over town on his latest sexy single to dance all night with called I’m with Everything.

Chiron Loxton is a Somerset, UK-based indie alt-hip hop artist who is as entertaining as they come and is the kind of innovative soul who is at the top of his game right now.

He started out in creative writing as a kid, and soon moved into progressing himself as a music artist as he gained more confidence.” ~ Chiron Loxton

Pulsating with so much romantic energy and never letting go, Chiron Loxton has dropped one of the most passionate single the world is likely to hear this year or any other year.

I’m with Everything from Somerset, UK-based indie alt-hip hop artist Chiron Loxton is a late night sizzler when you want the night to heat up. Wrapped in so much self-assuredness and packed with a vehement energy, this is a rather astonishing release to hold hands with.

When you feel on top of the world, it’s best to enjoy the moment.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify. See more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Thick Skin: Chiron Loxton says his piece on the outstanding classic Won’t Change

Evoking those crushing memories of that lost feeling after being double crossed rather unexpectedly, Chiron Loxton shows the world that his hunger is as ravenous as ever on the 4 minute 30 second instant classic Won’t Change.

Chiron Loxton is a Somerset, UK-based indie hip hop artist who is that underground poet your favourite rapper wants to sound like.

Chiron Loxton developed his live show capabilities whilst competing in the Open Mic UK competition with his energy and passion, earning him a place in the final. Already envisioning this album being performed live, it is already clear that Chiron Loxton is going to share out his energy to audiences and take over stages worldwide.” ~ Chiron Loxton

Showing us that by falling in love with those previous mistakes can hold your face underwater with no breaths left, Chiron Loxton returns after the exceptional loved-out Angelic with the brilliant Won’t Change. Ironed in a heat soaked missile that might cause your heart to glow in appreciation, this is surely one of the most meaningful song you’re likely to hear in 2022.

Won’t Change from Somerset, UK-based indie hip hop artist Chiron Loxton is a track all about getting back to that happy place again. After dealing with so much pressure that threatened to break him in half, there is an inspirational show of resilience on offer to destroy those demons forever. Bringing that heat after being questioned for his work ethic, this is that show of defiance we all needed to hear when those haunted walls cave in.

Listen up to this top single on Spotify and see more vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Freya Wolf knows that she is looking for more than a meaningless one-night stand on ‘Just Another Day’

Released with the world-class assistance of Remote Highway Music, Freya Wolf glistens rather brightly on her brilliant new release all about knowing your worth when others just greedily want you for themselves on, ‘Just Another Day‘.

Freya Wolf is a South Wales-born, Somerset, UK-based classically-trained pianist/singer-songwriter who is inspired by travel and the late great Nina Simone.

Freya writes and co-writes her own material including her first two singles ”This Man is Mine” and “Meet Me at 8” both of which she co-wrote with U.S. Songwriter’s Hall of Fame member Ross Hemsworth.” ~ Freya Wolf

Showing us her present mindset that has evolved from the past and takes us on a voyage that so many need to hear on full volume, Freya Wolf sends a loud message to all those who don’t want to start something memorable with her. This is a motivated woman who is only here to dance the night away, as she pushes away the hungry men who just want her valuable energy for themselves.

A taste for the fantastical and magical, the weird and wonderful. My life is my book, and I’m still filling the pages‘. ~ Freya Wolf

Just Another Day‘ by the fantastic Welsh artist Freya Wolf, is a track that shows us a strong soul who has seen and heard all the players before. She can see the games before they have even started on this let-down-my-hair gem that will have you grooving with delight. With a fabulous soundtrack of jazzy-soul melodies and that sassy smooth vocal ability that has made her known all over the world, this is a trip down memory lane for those who love that timeless sounding music that will last forever.

Hear this new release on Spotify and see more of her travels on Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

UK rapper Chiron Loxton takes the urban grit out of hip hop with Out in the Trees.

It’s tracks like Chiron Loxton’s latest single, Out in the Trees, that exhibit the pointlessness of facade-delivered lyricism. Out in the Trees is the first track released from the luminary Somerset-residing rap artist’s mindful lockdown-inspired album. It is also the perfect introduction to his tendency to take lyrical hip hop to the next level.

Rap and nature rarely go hand in hand, given that it was created in the Bronx, but Loxton didn’t fail to take hip hop out of the urban era and root it in nature. The meditative trap beats with ambient drill undertones make for the perfect vibe out playlist staple.

The official video to Out in the Trees premiered on September 3rd. You can check it out for yourselves on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

I Dream Of You: Somerset’s Kirsty Cooke sends fitting tribute on memory-soaked single ‘Heydays’

After more than a decade away from her true love of creating special sounds that transforms time, Kirsty Cooke returns graciously with a true story about her beloved Dad who sadly passed away on ‘Heydays‘.

Kirsty Cooke is a Somerset, UK-based indie pop artist, film music student and music producer. Mixed and co-produced by Sam Inglis, this is a more-than fitting tribute to a loved one who shall be dearly missed.

After 15 years away from music she has picked up the headphones again and started producing her own original tracks in March 2021.” ~ Kirsty Cooke

With a melancholic ambiance that is so beautiful and touching – that includes stunning vocals – which has a small tear emerging as you feel her pain from this heartbreaking loss. Times were tough and rocky with a condition that is hard to deal with for many, however her grace is so inspiring and truly admirable.

I wrote this song in memory of my Dad, it is about loss, nostalgia, and the complications of loving someone with bipolar. Obviously it is very close to my heart.” ~ Kirsty Cooke

Heydays‘ from the returning Somerset, UK-based indie pop solo musician and producer Kirsty Cooke, is a tear-filled single that gives you a shake of the heart and has your memory going back to those who you love and miss dearly. She sings with such a lovely style, that is indeed memorable and gives her late Dad a stunning tribute which he would be surely so proud of.

See this wonderfully elegant music video on YouTube and see more news on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Magic Went Way: Kirsty Cooke stays strong on debut single ‘This Too Shall Pass’

With her stylish shades on and with an intriguing beat that is so cinematic and has you feeling rather reflectively introspective, Kirsty Cooke opens up the door confidently and drops her debut single to show us inside her world on ‘This Too Shall Pass‘.

Kirsty Cooke is an impressively multi-talented Somerset, England-based indie singer-songwriter, producer, composer, digital music student at Brighton University and accomplished pianist.

You feel her driven passion entrenched soulfully into this fantastic first single that is layered with a soundscape that has you totally wrapped like a parcel inside — as her fresh vocals send us into a deeply portrayed story — which has you listening to each word so closely.

This Too Shall Pass‘ from the multi-skilled Somerset musician Kirsty Cooke, is a vivid tale about going through the tough times to find those good days again. This present moment feels so harsh and emotional, but this dark cloud won’t last and the pain will subside quickly, like a freshly coated sunrise waiting patiently to heal you.

Hear this movie-like soundtrack on Spotify and see more news via her FB music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Traveling the world to achieve his goals: Harrisen Larner-Main shows us exquisite singing on ‘Come Along’ EP

Somerset-born and world travelling singer-songwriter Harrisen Larner-Main has been patiently waiting to drop his highly anticipated 5 track EP called ‘Come Along’ and this is now his time to shine.

His voice draws you in so close and you drift away in a glorious daydream with a tone that is so tremendous on our battered ears which are cold from the winter wind. A man that has traveled around Europe and many other countries to push his music to as many people as possible; his vision is worldly and you can feel his self-awareness wrapped around your heart.

The whole EP is a waterfall of crisp water-tinged and luscious vocals that will have you singing along at the top of your lungs. This is the type of artist that sings about his previous experiences and love is at the core of his creations. His trusty acoustic guitar is played like a seasoned professional and you can tell that he has been performing since he was barely 13 years old. The music bug bit hard and he can’t stop doing what he is passionate about.

The whole EP is so classy and sung with such pureness and particular favorites have to be ‘Impossible To Feel The Cold’, ‘Happier’ and ‘Curtains’. He has the ability to raise his voice without sounding like he is putting too much strain on his vocal cords. The natural energy has you transfixed and the songs about love and reminiscing of what transpired in the past will have you remembering those regret-filled moments in your life, when love was there for the taking but something happened to end things so abruptly.

The soulful English singer-songwriter is a musician who you can tell is honest and humble; all he wants to do is perform on stage and make music that moves you, inspires you and makes you love harder.

Harrisen Larner-Main sings from the bottom of his heart on the excellent EP ‘Come Along’. This is the story of a man who has built his community of fans from years of travelling around the world and making life-lasting friends. He bet on himself to succeed, put in the hard work, and is using all of his wide-array of talents to do what he loves and does best.

Hear this fine EP on his Spotify and find out more about what makes Harrisen tick on his YouTube and Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Marcus Valance’s ”The Fight” is a sad but inspirational tale of doing the best you can

Marcus Valance is a photographer, filmmaker and musician. He is originally from Somerset in England but he now lives in The Netherlands where his work takes him all over the world. ”The Fight” is his latest release and this is such an inspirational story that we all need to see.

The Fight” was written, performed, produced, mixed, shot and edited by Marcus on location in the Kutupalong refugee camp-Cox’s Bazar- in Bangladesh. We are shown a whole different world to one we are used to. The kids and adults there survive with mostly a smile on their faces and make the best out of a tough situation. Working hard, staying positive and keeping busy is the order of the day here. This story sends shivers down my spine as I remember to be grateful for everything I have.

Marcus Valance tells us a story of locals doing their best and fighting to survive. I love how he captures the energy and the beauty of humans. They are doing their best and using teamwork to get through each day. ”The Fight” is an incredible song from a very talented creative.

Watch this sad but inspirational story from Bangladesh right here on YouTube.

Follow Marcus on his journey all over the world here on his Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen