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For Somer: JB Somers is incredible on heartfelt message to her loving memory on ‘Hurt You’

With his fast-beating heart in so much inner flux, JB Somers shows us all what true love really is on the stunning new single that gives you chills all over your spine called ‘Hurt You’.

Nashville, Tennessee-based indie singer-songwriter JB Somers has traveled from his birthplace in Alabama to Florida to his new home, as he took a huge risk that ultimately paid off in the end. Moving to the home of music during a horrid pandemic could of turned sideways, but due to her angelic presence watching over him, this is what movies are made of.

Usually a folk singer-songwriter, JB was persuaded to make more of a pop/dance song here and warmed up to the idea after wanted to truly honor his lost sister Somer who sadly passed. She loved so many different genres of music and taught him how to love deeply, encouraging his passions to blossom and how to forgive.

With a breathtaking voice that has your body shaking in anticipation, he sings with such magnetic energy that soothes your tears as this story further unfolds. He misses her so much and just wants one more conversation to say that he is sorry for that one moment, that could of been so much better.

Hurt You‘ from the humble Nashville-based singer-songwriter JB Somers, is a loving story about how he wishes he could take back that short space of time that he truly regrets and wishes his beloved Sister was still beside him, helping him through his career and seeing how it all came together.

That bond can’t and will never be broken. Somer lives on and is still inspiring him to this day.

Stream this heartfelt story on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen