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Times are changing: Amilia Riviglia drops the line on ‘Calling You’ to enter a new world of possibilities

Amilia Riviglia dazzles our hearts yet again with her spectacular third original single from her blossoming young career, that will take you on a reflective road to self-discovery on ‘Calling You‘.

Maple, Ontario, Canada-based sweet soul solo pop artist Amilia Riviglia, creates that type of music that captures your attention, grabs on tight and pulsates a feeling into your bones that you have never felt before. She has an electronic-pop sound on this freshly crafted new song, that is such a special listen and shows the endless potential in her music, if she wants it enough.

This is the story of your former lover driving you crazy with constant calls and messages, while you are trying to move on. You will always love them but right now, you are going in a different direction to what they are doing. This is a strikingly poignant moment if life and you will only know how it truly feels, if you have truly dealt with this before. You want to be there for them but if they don’t get what you are about-then self-awareness is lacking from their side-not yours. Real sees real after all.

Calling You‘ from the immensely gifted Amilia Riviglia, is a sonic experience that awakens your inner belief that music can change your mood in an split second. With a gripping music video that fascinates your wildest senses and has you hitting that repeat to get it all in, this is a supremely talented artist that oozes class at the same time.

In life you get very few opportunities to grab that special moment and capture it forever. If you have to drop the phone a few times to get there, surely that’s worth it to rise above and reach for the stars, never ever letting go.

Hear this wonderfully talented musician on Spotify, see the visually-pleasing video on YouTube and view her socials on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen