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Give You What You Need: Philadelphia rapper SoldYaSoul wants her to let it go on ‘BAD TENDENCIES’

As he worryingly looks into those beautifully glittering eyes, SoldYaSoul urges her to move past what is holding her back from reaching her full potential and join him in his peaceful zone as he can give her everything she needs on ‘BAD TENDENCIES‘.

Former Army soldier SoldYaSoul is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie rapper. He is an introspective artist who makes that real life message music which is without the fluff and all about helping others with their journey, in this rather strange world full of teachable moments.

He’s been rapping all his life but recently wanted to take it serious when his best friend passed away.” ~ SoldYaSoul

You sense his genuinely caring nature as he flows through the mic with an effortless nature, his bars seem to float majestically above all else and has you highly galvanized by his calming presence. The chorus is so inspiring and rather catchy, as the caress-filled beat urges the unnecessary noise of temptation to go away.

His wholehearted vibe is all about that naturally stimulated energy which is produced away from those undesirable narcotics, which only confuses our fragile and easily-influenced minds.

BAD TENDENCIES‘ from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie rapper SoldYaSoul, is that true story about wanting to help someone so badly as you see their future in your eyes, which they are throwing away by doing things their body doesn’t need. This is that defining moment when you feel that someone you love is so close and happy but in other moments, it feels like they are ready to jet off quick like a Eurofighter Typhoon – as you wonder if they will truly relax around you – and feel ever-lasting freedom from the nasty negativity that has unfortunately consumed them.

Your welcoming arms may await those you care about, but there has to be that commitment from the other side for it to work.

Hear this new track on Soundcloud and see more of his visuals via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen