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Sofie Mathiasen drops her planet exploring excellent 2nd single ‘Before We Say Goodbye’

Showing us through the ravishing but ultimately infrequent romance between the sun and the moon, Sofie Mathiasen is exquisite with her stunning 2nd release that will have you in awe of her natural vocals with ‘Before We Say Goodbye‘.

Sofie Mathiasen is a 17-year-old American/Danish pop singer-songwriter who has seen an exciting start to her fledgling career and is signed by FerienAmBalkon Records.

It was actually for a school project that I wrote ‚Before We Say Goodbye‘ – we had to write a Nocturne in music class, and I took the opportunity to try to write a song inspired by the love story I had imagined for such a long time.” ~ Sofie Mathiasen

Showing us so much beauty from the lonely moon’s perspective of a love that is too far away to embrace, Sofie Mathiasen has just presented us with a superb release that will have you feeling so grateful for any genuine tenderness that you have in your life.

Back in Austria, she is now attending Vienna International School – an art-affine institution that produced talents like Arrie Krista and others.” ~ Sofie Mathiasen

Before We Say Goodbye‘ from the youthful American/Danish pop singer-songwriter Sofie Mathiasen is a lusciously projected single that will have you staring upwards no matter where you are in the world. Her aura is one of a romantic nature in this lovely song that shows us that true love is hard to find, no matter if you are so close sometimes.

That sweet kiss is so hard to feel sometimes, even if two forces should be together forever.

Hear this splendid song on Spotify and see more of career progression on IG.

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