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A&R Factory Present: Social Skills

Meet Social Skills, the three-piece collective whose majestic sound will transport listeners into a world of 70’s synths, and kaleidoscopic guitar riffs. Made up of Chopper on keyboard, Moshik on drums, and Scuta on guitar and vocals, Social Skills exude talent, authenticity, and maturation. Hailing from North London, the band came together through a shared love of antiqued studio equipment and vintage synths.

“Hyperactive” is a wobbly robotic pop infection. With a hook that keeps drilling it’s way in to your brain, it’s is an unashamed dance-off with a big smile.

The lyrics tell us we’re all the same – we’ve all got energy and we should use it to have fun singing “Da DA Da DA”. Does everything have to mean something? Sometimes it’s better not to deconstruct everything or it will all unravel. Can’t we just make be pop music that makes hearts race rather than taking everything so seriously? It’s our feel-good antidote to the world around us.