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Irish RnB artist Sarah O’Moore returns with a special single about keeping your inner peace on ‘All In My Head’

With a vocal ability that reminds one somewhat of the late great Amy Winehouse, Sarah O’Moore shows us all the way into how she is feeling in this strange world on her latest single that is named, ‘All In My Head‘.

Sarah O’Moore is an Irish RnB/soul indie singer-songwriter who grew up listening to and being inspired by legends such as Nina Simone, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Van Morrison.

Borrowing from her Corkonian roots, Sarah’s songs carry the dark underbelly of societal demise and her hybrid fusion of rich lyricism and melodic roots make her a touchstone for current times.” ~ Sarah O’Moore

With her debut EP ‘social paralysis‘ due for a release later on in 2022, Sarah O’Moore is at her best here with a glorious single that is projected with so much class and features a beat that is perfect for her style. There is nothing rushed here, as the energy transmits a gloriously calm flow that has you tanning in the rays of such excellence throughout this wonderful new release.

All In My Head‘ from Bristol, UK-based RnB/soul artist Sarah O’Moore, sends us into a whole new world with vocals so dreamy you might feel like closing your eyes and going into a better place. In a story all about knowing that you need to block out the noise of the small-minded who love to finger point, she sings with such genuine care and love. This is the kind of song that interlaces your consciousness from the cold into the warmth, from someone rather uniquely brilliant who needs to be cherished forever. A true underground Queen awaits our support.

Hear this new single on Spotify and support her creative energy on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen