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UK-based electronic act Mesadorm asks for the mindset of her once-proud country to change on ‘Soap Opera’

Released from their label Babylegs Records, Mesadorm tease us into their new single that has us even more excited (if that was even possible) about their new album ‘Pollinator’ which is due for release on 8th April, with the truth-filled ‘Soap Opera‘.

Mesadorm is a UK-based indie electronic 4-piece band who impressively made 3 band babies within 3 years in a lonely woodland cabin in Stroud while somehow having the time to assemble this gem.

Soap Opera is the court jester. An overt and sarcastic expression of my rage and depression at being an English person after realising that I have no pride in that part of my identity at all. I wanted to write a song about what I really think of this country, at this moment, in a way I could just about get away with…because we (and more of us than we think) are blinded by an old reputation of power and righteousness. That’s the scary bit. I don’t think enough people really, deeply believe that we could be headed to overt, rather than disguised, fascism because we have this idea of ourselves as saviours – our national identity bleeds into our individual identities which we want to be generally ‘good’. So, in this tune, I enjoy poking that nerve. It’s time that we are able to see ourselves for who we really are so that change can happen” ~ Blythe Pepino (frontwoman of Mesadorm)

With an honest-packed tone that takes you into the mindset of a frustrated band who sense that things aren’t what they seem, this is a creative track like none other. The creative forces are on full alert here with an assortment of ear-dancing soundscapes that are filled with unorthodox brilliance and a consciously aware vocalist that unwarps the skin and slices some sense into our frazzled minds.

Luckily I had a lot of time to recover during the pandemic and I had my studio to go to every day which kept me super happy. I feel incredibly lucky to be alive and to be able to still sing and make music because, apart from just surviving, many who have surgery for this sort of thing end up with severe vocal damage” ~ Blythe speaking about her courageous recovery from Vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome)

Soap Opera‘ from the UK-based electronic act Mesadorm, is a mind-bender that will shock many while others will nod in approval for the brave message being portrayed here. With the country in a mess and tensions rising daily as the patience runs out, this is a fantastic release that will open your mind to a new generation of hard-working British souls. Many are fed up with the rubbish and just want proper decency and truth painted everywhere, as common sense washes all over the small-minded to usher in a better life for all to live.

Listen up to their new single via Spotify and follow their social tracks on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen