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Ever Since You Left: Dante asks for one more chance on Roses

Missing that special soul who had his back throughout it all, Dante reminisces about that incredible romance that is currently closed but is never forgotten on the impressive Roses.

Dante is an ascending indie alternative singer-songwriter who makes those songs that are stuck in your ears for years to come.

With a candle lit tone that will probably drive your senses wild, Dante is in imperious form with a beautifully performed song that could get your heart beating faster. Steaming with intention and busting with an ear-warmer that could probably heat your toast, this is a sizzling soundtrack for all those who miss their ideal lover.

Roses from indie alternative singer-songwriter Dante is a song all about missing that mesmerizing ex who decided to walk away. This is a spark-filled experience that will have your soul soaked in a memory that is cherished forever. Sung with a terrific class and fondness, we find a humbled soul who vows to be better forever.

A 2nd chance can be a beautiful reconnection, if the moment is allowed to happen.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen