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So Christmassy… this Christmas

This Year Hasn’t Been Super: The Non Nonconformists gets us into the mood on So Christmassy… this Christmas

Falling asleep in front of the fire and looking into the empty bowl that was saturated with treats earlier, The Non Nonconformists sing with so much love and excellent vibes to be enthralled by while sneakily nibbling on that extra piece of chocolate on So Christmassy… this Christmas.

The Non Nonconformists is a London, UK-based indie alternative outfit who makes those cheerful tunes the whole family can fall in love with.

An ode to that short period of the year when perhaps in the brief interlude between the crescendo of mad consumerism leading up to Christmas and the commencement of the Boxing day sales, the daily grind and concerns of mere survival can take pause subsumed, if you’re lucky, in momentary goodwill towards all men. A moment of memories of Christmasses past, of friends and families, of childhood magic.” ~ The Non Nonconformists

Smelling that fresh cinnamon and seeing those sparkly decorations brighten up the room, The Non Nonconformists make us all feel ready for the 25th of December and perform with that true love inside a day that makes many so happy. Projected with passion and pulsating with vigor, this is one of the more festive singles the world is likely to ever hear.

So Christmassy… this Christmas from London, UK-based indie alternative act The Non Nonconformists¬†is a joyous single which will change your mood from anxious to hopeful. Stuffing treats into our stocking with much fanfare, this is a delicious single to munch on when it’s that special day again.

Feeling the winds of change back to routine on Christmas is a sign that we are heading back to an almost-normal universe again.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen