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Rapper, SnapDibz has unleashed his monster of a soulfully lusty EDM floorfiller, Eyes on Me

After racking up tens of thousands of streams on his hit singles, the independent American-born Indian rapper, SnapDibz has boldly stepped in a new direction for his latest dance track, Eyes on Me. The risk more than paid off. The dizzying disposition of the rap bars with the monumental drops leaves galvanising energy blasting through your speakers and makes a meal of your rhythmic pulses.

Infused with Bhangra beats and the powerful interplay between his snappy rap verses and the salaciously soul-awakening female pop vocals, the intense EDM earworm is set to set hearts on fire, fill floors, and connect with an audience seeking the ultimate anthem for their lusty encounters.

Eyes on Me, produced by Shrai, will officially release on November 16th. Check it out via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

When love ends again: SnapDibz release emotion-filled new Hip Hop single ‘Done Believing’

SnapDibz return with a new rap track to get you thinking about starting fresh via the pulsating ‘Done Believing‘.

Atlanta, Georgia-based indie-rap artist SnapDibz, makes that inspiring music that tells real stories about love and life. With an attractive sound that flows through your heart to help you deal with loss or sadness, he has a perfect understanding about what soulful soundscapes should sound like.

This is the real story about how love was fiery and hot but soon sizzled out as she showed her true selfish ways. You had so much love for her but then it was too much to handle, as you want to be with someone genuine and not full of themselves. When you realize that you shouldn’t of been with someone like this, it can take you more time to heal, as you feel like a fool who was poisoned by an evil soul- who just wanted your good energy for themselves.

Done Believing‘ from Hip Hop artist SnapDibz, is a top notch new school track that is full of quality raps that are quick-fire and meaningful. With sultry vocals that add so much heart to proceedings, this is a fine song with a bouncy beat that lifts you up, while also making you feel so reflective from past experiences in love.

That feeling of losing hope about love is so painful and takes a while to get over, until you meet a special soul again so you get that extra heartbeat in your system. Love must always win over sadness after all.

Hear this fine single on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That moment of realization that hits home hard: Chicago producer/lyricist duo SnapDibz drop real Hip Hop truth seeker ‘Dead2Me’

Atlanta native emcee Snap and Chicago producer Dibz have joined forces to power in with lots of excellent lyrics and potent production that has created the new SnapDibz hard-hitting track called ‘Dead2Me‘.

The ominously vivid electric energy that flows up from the dark seas of doom is the way this Hip Hop track starts and you know that this is going to be extra special. This intuition is proved correct this time and the honest lyrics clamp our souls with the story of how someone close wasn’t there when you were drowning, with no way out. That feeling of betrayal is described in detail like a Picasso painting, the picture of how you had your hand up and asked for help, but received nothing but crickets in return; is tough to take and you blame yourself.

His cutting edge lyrics mixed with this perfectly built beat is sharp like a Victorinox knife, that cuts real deep and twists your bones. The anger and regret in his voice bubbles up and can’t ever be popped, as the realization of being betrayed sinks into your brain. The time to heal and take stock of who will really be there for you is now on the top of your agenda.

The realistic truth is, a lot of people are only friends with you as they see something they like, it might not be visible at first but their true colors will show you in due time, no matter how well you think you know them.

Dead2Me‘ from Chicago’s SnapDibz is a truthfully sad reflection of our reality TV based world that has created monsters from merely showing how fake life can actually be successful. The power here on the beat and lyrics should be a stark warning to us all, that we need to be so careful who we let into our sea of life as they can turn the other way when you are struggling to breathe, leaving you to save yourself with no lifeguard around.

Feel the realness on Spotify and follow the max-skilled duo on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Snapdibz has dropped powerful and catchy single You and I

Producer and songwriter duo Snapdibz has dropped single ‘You and I’ pulling in that Hip-Hop sound as he produces this fantastic piece.

This piece is one that deserves to be recognised, the flow is insane, the variety of vocal ranges that come through, and the upbeat melody that plays throughout. The way the vocals bounce of one another is what makes this song stand out.

The Rap takes the lead fast, having this energetic flow through the insanely fast pace verses that flow throughout. As the female high-pitched vocals begin to seep through as the overwhelming sense of emotion pours through bouncing back to the Rap as two vocals start going back and forth.

Listening to the way in which the two voices collide together perfectly, embracing that sound of Rap but also the melody that is sung by Snap with her insane vocals. Telling this story through the lyrics in such an incredible way as the melody pulses through. A piece with many elements, powerful vocals, and honest lyrics. It’s one you must check out for sure.

Check out Snapdibz’s single You and I by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall