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All The Misconceptions: Alex Maes and The Connection transmits deeper than most on We

Searching for the truth and performing with so much elegant class, Alex Maes and The Connection swim away from the misconceptions on the deeply-projected new single We.

Alex Maes and The Connection is a New England-based indie RnB/jazz group that just loves putting smiles on faces all over the world.

The Connection established themselves as a versatile trio that could elevate any song, but after performing and playing Alex’s music they realized they had created a unique sound, so with Alex they decided to formally call themselves Alex Maes & The Connection. Together they have graced the stages of Rockwood Music Hall, The Narrows, and Boston City Plaza. Additionally, they have been nominated for awards in New England Music Awards 2021 (Best R&B/Soul Nominee) and New England Last Band Standing Competition 2022 (Finalists) for their lyrics, music, and engaging performances.” ~ Alex Maes and The Connection

Tingling our hearts and displaying so much poise and precision, Alex Maes and The Connection are rather spectacular on this ear-soothing single of much substance. This is that Sunday afternoon meditation soundtrack to drift away for a little while, in a world which seems to make everything so unnecessarily complicated.

We from New England-based indie RnB/jazz group is a rather thought-provoking single which will put many minds into a different mindset altogether. Serene to the core and showing us a cinematic-like story, this is a rather stunning effort which shall ease all fears away.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Connection: Mr Meo reminds us what it is to be truly Human

Feeling so good inside and seeking that hunger for something more than normal from a frightening world, Mr Meo has dropped a reaction-filled single to make us all hold hands and dance in unison on Human.

Mr Meo is an Australia-based groovy indie crossover artist/music producer who makes tunes to bring smiles back to the faces of those who were previously sad.

Creating unique compositions filled with artistic expression, indie crossover is the architecture soundscape of Mr Meo.” taken from SoundCloud

Showing us his multi-instrumentalist skills to the max with an 80s-like soundtrack, Mr Meo guides us through that happy place that can take you back into a nostalgic gaze. Sparked with passionate emotions and a vocal melody to keep your smile alive, this is a delightful single to hold on tightly to.

Human from the Australian artist and music wizard/producer Mr Meo is a fine effort that might cause your soul to vibrate and get your eyes awake again. Flourishing with so much passionate energy to get you thinking deeper than ever, we find an experience to treasure while our hearts heal.

Hear this top song on SoundCloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen