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California’s Kev Sound feels like he is being pushed around unfairly on ‘Mr. Irrelevant’

With a pumped up vibe that is full of punches and passionate vocals, Kev Sound smashes through all the self-doubts and gets his message across that he is tired of being pushed around by a psychotic liar on ‘Mr. Irrelevant‘.

Kevin Farrell aka Kev Sound is a California-based indie pop/rock solo singer-songwriter who is known as one of the best writers in the game and has taken his career to a new level recently music-wise.

Kev Sound built a name in the music industry writing songs for popular acts such as Smashmouth.” ~ Kev Sound

Dusting off any negativity which was swarming his consciousness like being stung constantly by a greedy bee, Kev Sound shows the world his excellent vocal ability and is certainly going to change some lives with this dynamic effort made with top echelon status.

Mr. Irrelevant‘ from California-based indie pop/rock solo singer-songwriter Kev Sound, is one of those tracks that you just can’t help but admire. There is such an energic ambience which is rather special, as the visuals lead us into a story about a man who has grown tired of the push-downs from someone who he used to love. Rather than letting it bring him to the floor like in the past, we find a highly motivated soul who is making moves to make sure that he is completely happy and living his own life. When you find that inner motivation to live your own dreams rather than someone else’s, your whole perspective changes for the better.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen