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Nashville’s Macho Planet shows love at the end of the world with ‘Small’

Taken off his impending debut album that is set for a 3rd June 2022 release and is called ‘Still, You Don’t Joke About It‘, Macho Planet leads us into a story that will surely galvanise the hearts of so many with ‘Small‘.

Austin Mathis aka Macho Planet is a Nashville, USA-based indie DIY alternative solo singer-songwriter who makes that raw music with that extra heart that sends you into a thoughtful state of mind.

Literary, often unorthodox lyrics are at the heart of each song, which are as varied as the emotions of a generation struggling to find the beauty of life in the midst of global catastrophe.” ~ Macho Planet

Showing us why he is one of the most highly regarded underground acts in the whole of Nashville’s prosperous music scene, Macho Planet¬†brings us the full force of his unrestrained brilliance with a magnificent single that is sure to unleash the souls of so many to open the door and seek their hidden lover again.

Through raw acoustic & exploding electric guitars, droning bass and rhythmic snare, the singer desperately attempts to state a clear case in the midst of disorienting disaster — relationally and globally. It is a love song at the end of the world.” ~ Macho Planet

Small‘ from Nashville, USA-based indie alternative solo singer-songwriter Macho Planet, is a single that will take you into a whole new world of intrigue at this extraordinary artist. His soaring energy thrives on this absolute anthem for anyone who feels that this is their last chance at love before the end of the world as we know it, that thrives tremendously and gives your heart a real jolt when you needed it most. Finding that true romantic partner before it’s all too late, should be the mission of all humankind after all.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen